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Romeo and Juliet – Act 4, Scene 2 
Capulet – Bill Schneider
Servant – Kevin Scofield
Nurse – Jaclyn Foster
Juliet – Victoria Zachery
Lady Capulet – Kacey Waisanen

Music in this episode:
Repentance by Leah McHenry



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ShakespeareCast : Romeo and Juliet – Act 4, Scene 2

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  1. user says:

    Hi! Im Jonty, and I love Romeo and Juliet and I think your podcasts are great! (I found it kinda funny how much louder the guy is than the girl though). I’m also getting a copy of Romeo and Juliet for kids cos its a great book. I want to link this on my blog http//:www.shakespearelovepoems.com, is that ok with you?

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